We are Meyli.

We put you first. We showcase this by letting you decide what goes on your body. People differ, personalities vary, and body insecurities are real, so why treat you all like the same individual?!

Paradise Is Wherever You Are.

Welcome to Meyli, where bodies are celebrated, memories are made, and adventures are explored. We are free-spirited in our mindset but determined in our actions because for too long a time women have been shown one body type, sold a predetermined style, and squished into a box.

We don’t let life happen to us, we choose the life we want, we go after it, and we encourage others to do the same. We believe that the world is meant to be explored and that we need to take care of the planet now and forever so that exploration is a reality for us and future generations.

We are inspired by all body types, not just the ones that look like ours. We love the curves, the edges, the marks, the scars, and the stories. We own them. We cherish them. And we welcome you with our whole hearts to Meyli.

A Message From Our Founder

Hi there!

I created Meyli, (formally Swim by Em), in the summer of 2018. I've always felt like I had a unique body type. Whether that be from playing years of competitive soccer, or the fact that having a more athletic frame runs in my family, (hourglass waist who?) I've always struggled with finding swimwear that made me feel confident. Whether it lack of coverage or high waist bottoms having TOO high of a waist, I never felt comfortable. This lack of perfect fit often extended into other clothing!

After looking more into this issue, I realized that base pattern blocks that are used to make the clothing we often wear today, are based off of patterns made from Caucasian women that haven't been updated since 1939. As a mixed race female, no wonder I couldn't find anything that fit me right!

Taking this and my past garment making knowledge into consideration, I created a bikini for myself that made me feel amazing. I started selling them and soon realized, these bikinis were helping other girls feel the same.
Ultimately this taught me that, although we all have different problems and different insecurities, we all seek the same dream - to feel confident in the clothing we wear.

My goal is for Meyli to create this oasis for you. I can't wait for you to check us out!


We empower others to feel great in their own skin. _______________

We think that life is too short to struggle with your body. Bodies are built differently, and bodies grow differently, and we don’t want to live in a world where everyone looks the same. Everyone should love and feel loved their body, and we’re glad to help you flaunt it.

Our Values.

We are authentically ourselves.
We know that our business needs to make sales to be in business, but it’s truly not what drives us. We create products that help people to be proud of who they are and what they look like
We encourage our team to learn about our customers–to ask them questions, gather their feedback, and ask them about their day (and care about the answer). We foster connection because it’s what we love about working with people.
Decisions are not made lightly behind our doors. We consider every angle, all parties, and every use before we execute, and then we check again. We keep ourselves knowledgeable to guide our conversations, policies, and our hearts.
We aren’t here to mimic others. We’re here to shine and make looks that appeal to our audience, and we keep them in mind when we are choosing palettes, designing patterns, and selecting textiles.